Torres del Paine - Chile
Torres del Paine - Chile

Travel video about nature park Torres del Paine in Chile. The Torres del Paine National Park in Patagonia, Southern Chile, is one of the most fascinating mountain landscapes on Earth. Its diverse variety of landscapes is captivating, a harmonic union of rock, ice and water that is also the ideal habitat for the indigenous wildlife that lives there. Three high granite mountains tower above the landscape, the 'Paine Towers' or the Torres del Paine. The park derived its name from the rock needles of the wonderful mountain range that is situated in the centre of a remarkable mountain world. Below the 2,800 metre high summits, several rivers dominate the landscape, such as the Rio Grey, on whose banks grow a large variety of plants. A precarious chain bridge crosses the Rio Grey to one of the most spectacular vantage points of a nearby lake, the Lago Grey. Before arriving at the Mirador Lago Grey, the path leads through a kind of enchanted forest that is typical of the region. Crooked trees and strangely shaped trunks create a truly magical atmosphere. The park's walking paths that travel through green valleys are flanked by numerous flowers in all the colors of the rainbow, a feast for the senses amid pure nature. Further north of the Lago Pehoé, surrounded by steep, rocky slopes, is yet another picturesque lake, Lago Nordenskjöld. Its name is unusual for the region, yet seems to be appropriate as much of it resembles a Scandinavian fjord. The Torres del Paine National Park is rightly known as the most wonderful mountain world on Earth. Here, rock, water and indigenous plant life combine to create a perfect harmony of nature.

The video is published here with permission of the publisher Expoza Travel.

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MAR 03, 1999
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