Chobe River
Chobe River

The Chobe region in the far north east of Botswana is well known for its fascinating nature. Its national park was named after the Chobe River one of the most important tributaries of the Zambesi that leads into the nearby world famous, Victoria Falls.The Chobe River acts as a central gateway to numerous villages as well as to the national park’s various safari lodges. Unlike many other countries in Africa, tourism in Botswana attracts a particularly exclusive and well-off clientele. The advantages of this are soon apparent. As the number of tourists here is relatively small there is a far greater sense of freedom than in other parts of Africa. On the perimeter of Kasane, the largest city in this region, there are several luxurious lodges that are located along the banks of the river. Each of the safari lodges provides its own boat trips on the Chobe River and these can also be arranged to suit individual preferences. The river is ideal for the observation of wildlife and even by African standards the diversity of wildlife here is exceptional. One of the most spectacular attractions are huge herds of elephants as more than half the entire elephant population of Botswana lives in and around the Chobe National Park. Although their numbers fluctuate, around thirty five thousand to fifty thousand elephants live here making this the largest elephant enclosure in the world! Until relatively recently many White Tailed Eagles and Screaming Eagles were to be found along the Chobe River. However, they have now become quite scarce as many of them have been hunted. It is fortunate that some have made these areas of Botswana into their permanent habitat. The Chobe River is not only an exceptional body of water that flows through one of the most biodiverse regions in Africa, it is also a unique world full of natural wonder and captivating charm.

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MAR 03, 1999
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