Lhasa - Tibet
Lhasa - Tibet

Tibet is a relatively little known and mysterious land of snow high up in the Himalayas that borders Nepal, Bhutan ad India. It is protected by the highest mountains in the world and is a region that has developed a unique society whose philosophy, art and religious faith have earned much interest and respect.Lhasa is the capital of Tibet and also its largest city. The Barkhor Road extends for eight hundred metres around the Jokhang Temple and nearby Tsuklakhang Square. For the faithful a visit to the Jokhang Temple is the highlight of a long and arduous pilgrimage and the Dalai Lama once sat in its inner courtyard during the monks’ annual final examination, which was also a splendid festive event. On the other side of the Chakpori, a small mountain opposite Potala, is the seldom visited Sang Gya Thong Ku Temple that is somewhat hidden away and therefore off the tourist trail. This ‘temple of a thousand images of god’ is nevertheless very popular among devout Buddhists and is a place of silent prayer. The Yarlung Valley is full of history such as possessing the oldest field in Tibet, as well as the oldest village that is located at the foot of the country’s oldest fortress, Yom Bu La Khang, the rock palace of the country’s first mystic king. One of the largest monuments in Tibetan architecture is the unique Kumbum Chörten, a three-dimensional mandala that can be entered. Eyes decorate the upper part of the Stupa. The ritual walkabout begins on the lowest level with simple deities then follows the entire Pantheon of Tibet, immortalised in both sculptures and wall paintings. Despite Chinese influence, Tibet is still a religiously devout country with a fascinating monastery culture and amazing natural scenery. Tashi Delek! Happiness and Blessings!On the “roof of the world” one is always close to the gods…!...

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MAR 03, 1999
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