Qinghai Express - Tibet
Qinghai Express - Tibet.

The Third Millennium marked the inauguration of a unique train, the Tibet Qinghai Express that travels from China to Tibet. A railroad through the Himalayas on the ‘roof of the world’ and the highest railway line on earth that leads through breathtaking landscapes from Peking to Lhasa. The journey lasts about forty eight hours and includes two nights on the train.The journey begins on a road that for much of the time runs close to the railway line and travels across the high mountain passes of the Kulun Mountains and at a height of nearly five thousand metres above sea level is a remote high plateau that lies within an earthquake zone and often encounters severe snow storms. The train winds its way higher and higher from one high plateau to the next up to snow covered mountains and into the “home of the gods“. Along with the Great Wall Of China and the Three Gorges Dam, the Tibet Railroad is one of China’s greatest structures. The trains travel at the highest speeds that are possible on permafrost, a hundred kilometres an hour and sometimes even up to a hundred and twenty! The Tibet Qinghai Express has already turned many dreams into reality and in future years even more passengers will experience this magnificent and unique experience.

The video is published here with permission of the publisher Expoza Travel.

The Qinghai track Tibet
The Qinghai track Tibet.
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MAR 03, 1999
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