Mongolia is a land between sky, steppes and desert. Extreme, exotic, and mostly undiscovered, home to nomads, ringers, eagle hunters and horsemen. A land of adventure! Ulaanbaatar is the capital of Mongolia and is a metropolis set amid the steppes, truly the pulsating heart of the country that combines the cultures of old with a lively feeling of moving towards new horizons. Ganden Hyid is a pilgrimage destination for the faithful from all over Mongolia. They pray and wind prayer mills and crowd into the main sanctuary. In the monastery’s main temple is a twenty six metre high statue of the Buddha Of Mercy, patron saint of Mongolia that is decorated with gold and gems. Almost fifty kilometres east of Ulaanbaatar is a leisure area for the inhabitants of the city, the Terej National Park. Here horse riding is available across country and without limit, a fact that pleases the basic instincts of the Mongolian heart. In Kharkhorin, former residence of those who once ruled Mongolia, today there is little left to see. However, a few mysterious sites remain which, along with the Erdene Zuu Monastery, are highly evocative of this ancient city in Central Mongolia as for thirty two years it was the centre of one of the most powerful empires on Earth. The Magic of Mongolia can be felt by all who come here and this journey across a harsh and contrasting land has been an unforgettable adventure beyond compare.

The video is published here with permission of the publisher Expoza Travel.

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MAR 03, 1999
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