Attractive Clervaux, not to be confused with the famous abbey of Clairvaux in eastern France, is a sloping tongue of land wrapped into a deep wooded curl of the Clerve river. Dominating are a curious patchwork-style 1913 neo-Romanesque church and a very distinctive whitewashed castle. The latter is a fully rebuilt replica of the 12th-century original, razed in WWII. Although it contains two other minor museums – one on Luxembourg's castles, the other on the Battle of the Ardennes – the castle's primary attraction is Edward Steichen's world-famous photography exhibition, Family of Man. Gifted to Clervaux in 1964, the collection comprises 273 black-and-white, mid-20th-century photos from 68 countries, interspersed with sayings and quotations. It was conceived as a thought-provoking ‘mirror of the essential oneness of mankind’. Clervaux has several central hotels but lacks a bit of charm for an overnight stay.

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MAR 03, 1999
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