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Malawi is the unknown Africa in the south-east of the Continent. A wild country between sea and highlands, a land of contrasts with amazing green mountains and high plateaus but most of all, Lake Malawi.In the north west and on the border with Zambia is the thousand square kilometre Vwaza Marsh Wildlife Reserve, home to more than two hundred elephants who, in small groups, visit the Kazuni Safari Camp on their way to the lake. In the Lake Kazuni area there are many hippos and crocodiles which although rarely seen from the shore can certainly be heard at night. The location of the small town of Nkhata Bay is quite spectacular, a large, sheltered bay, accessible via a steep slope. Small boats transport the local people to various locations so that they can buy and sell, as there are hardly any roads around the lake. A restless, colourful and vibrant harbour town and the northernmost point which famous explorer Dr. David Livingstone reached on his historic voyage of discovery. Cichlids, the living jewels of Lake Malawi, are highly sought after among aquatic fish enthusiasts, the brightly coloured males achieving the highest prices. Provided with a good supply of oxygen and a light sedative in the water, once a month the fish are taken to the airport. The craggy rock scenery of Lake Malawi was not always below water. Only when the southern section of the East African Rift Valley filled with water did it become home to cichlids. On the extreme south east coast on the border with Mozambique is Mount Mulanje, a huge mountain range that formed during volcanic activity more than a hundred and thirty million years ago. At the foot of the mountain scenery grows one of the world’s finest varieties of tea. The Maravi Kingdom eventually became an independent country, Malawi, the warm and beating heart of Africa!

The video is published here with permission of the publisher Expoza Travel.

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MAR 03, 1999
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