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Corfu is different from the other Greek islands. Instead of dreary, rocky terrain, one can find lush flora, pine trees, lemon and olive trees. This is the place where Odysseus met Nausicaa, Queen Elizabeth built a palace and where Gerald Durrell fell in love with nature. The capital was mainly built by Frenchmen during the reign of Napoleon, this is why it suggests a Mediterranean spirit, as if we were walking on the French Riviera. Near the capital, there is the symbol of the island, the Vlacherna monastery, standing in the water. Corfu is abound in natural beauties. Kassiopi is a charming fishing village, while Paleokastritsa is a place famous of its sea caverns. And finally there is the Channel of Love in Sidari, a channel formed by whimsical cliffs. Corfu, Modern Greek Kérkyra, ancient (Latin) Corcyra, island in the Ionian Sea (Modern Greek: Ióvio Pélagos), with adjacent small islands making up the dímos (municipality) and pereferiakí enótita (regional unit) of Kérkyra (also called Corfu), Ionian Islands (Iónia Nisiá) periféreia (region), western Greece. Lying just off the coast of Epirus (Ípeiros), it is about 36 miles (58 km) long, while its greatest breadth is about 17 miles (27 km) and its area 229 square miles (593 square km). Of limestone structure, the island is mountainous in the north and low in the south. Its northeastern protrusion, close to the Albanian coast, trends east-west and reaches a peak in Pantokrator Mountain (2,972 feet [906 metres]); the other range, in the island’s centre, is lower.

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MAR 03, 1999
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