Gallery Lefkada 2003

May 23 2014

Lefkada (or Lefkas) is the sleeper hit of the Ionians. Mountainous and remote in the centre, with gorgeous vistas and forests, the island is lined on its west coast with some of the best beaches in Greece. Holiday resorts tend to cling to the east coast where 10 satellite islets dot the sea. Lefkada is less insular than most islands; it was once attached to the nearby mainland by a narrow isthmus until occupying Corinthians breached it with a canal in the 8th century BC. A causeway now spans the 25m strait, yet Lefkada remains steadfastly islandlike in the best of ways. In remote villages older women sport traditional dress and the main town, Lefkada Town, has a refreshing mid-20th-century appeal.

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