Gallery Kalymnos 2002

May 23 2014

Vibrantly Greek, this rugged place of vertical cliffs (drawing hardy climbers from all over the world) and turquoise bays is soaked in the sea; indeed from the mermaid on the point and statue of Poseidon in the harbour, to its rich history of sponge diving, Kalymnos is tied to the deep. There are a lot of damaged old lungs in town but the islanders are proud of their tenacity as hardy sponge divers. Even today, scattered about the capital of Pothia, you’ll find old sponge warehouses stacked to the gills with these unearthly marine treasures. Unlike some of its neighbours, Kalymnos is comparatively green, its roads lined with pink oleanders contrasting with brilliantly blue water. Local gastronomic treats include octopus in ouzo, and spinialo (devilfish and urchins in sea water). Kalymnos is the third-largest island in the Dodecanese and to do it justice you’ll need three days and wheels.

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